Looking for a task management app to replace Trello

Hi everyone,
Which cloud based task management apps would you recommend to use? I’ve been using Trello and was quite content with if, but as the number of my projects and tasks in them kept growing, managing them in Trello became not so simple. Right now everything is quite chaotic. I’m looking for a tool to divide all my projects, with ability to move tasks from one to another (just in case), clearly visible deadlines and priority. Any free or low cost options? Thanks in advance.

Hi did you try asaana

Asana is great :slight_smile:

Check out Deskun, worked for me.

This should work you and I am using the same for multiple projects.
For 2 projects its free.

Are these recommended tools also great when giving access to clients…I would need a (simple) project management tool where Clients can see the progress of their projects but which is not to complicate to use for them.

You can try ProofHub for task management. It empowers teams to work together, get tasks delivered on time and become insanely productive. It brings clarity in work allocation. Create task lists with just one click, add tasks, assign them to team members and stay away from the hassle of writing and acknowledging emails. Workflows and kanban boards in ProofHub make your task management processes simplified by letting you define a custom workflow for the team, which you can improve to bring more flexibility in your work.

Take a look at:

I started using Basecamp but then it wasn’t the best regarding the projects I had to manage…
Now I’m on Proofhub and everything is going well. Although, at the beginning it was a little bit difficult to adapt and especially for my team ( I’m a project manager). Just found a good resource for you, let me know if you want more info : http://thinkthyme.com/software-reviews/proofhub-review-remote-project-management-tool