Looking for a system to sell my script

Hello everyone,

I have a script that I wish to sell with various licensing options, including monthly and yearly et subscriptions. I am currently in search of a comprehensive system where customers can order the script, and an automatic process is triggered that generates a license key for immediate use. I am hoping for a solution that eliminates the need for manual intervention on my end.

Does anyone know of a reliable system that can help facilitate this process?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

You can sell it on your own. At Envato, the license is for lifetime, once it’s purchased, user doesn’t need to purchase it again.

It is not for selling on Envato, I am looking for a script/system to do it on my own website.

It got lost while translating, then.
There’s no script that standalone version could manage what you need. Some parts are easy to get but when you add everything all together, it’s a custom work


What you are looking for is not an off the shelf script but the terms to find one would be:

“Software Licensing Platform API”
In your post you said:

Now to me this means that you have some sort of system in place, which works albeit needing manual intervention???
Sometimes, if something works then its best to stick with what works, but otherwise you need to look at lots of money, having a licence key server, the software that works with what you want, and more money!

You will always needs some parts of the script to be customized as per your own requirements.