Looking for a Stubhub clone WP theme, for ticket resales

Benn looking at the directory/listings themes here, but can’t really find a nice fit for what I want to do which funcitonality wise is much like Stubhub (or Viagogo). The closest one’s I’vee found is Listify, Marketica, and Marketify.

  • Front end submissions of listings
  • Directory hierarcy of listings as such - event/category which has more content than your average Craigslist section
  • Checkout/purchase on listing level
  • Listings are not personal, but appear as a generic ecommerce item even though it’s a P2P marketplace (the purpose is to take out social interaction)
  • Functionality to upload file which is not seen on front end, but only verified/moderated by admin

Very thankful for any help, or angles.