Looking for a specific wordpress theme

Hello everyone,

Like I said in the title, I’m looking for a wordpress theme. I’m really sorry about this topic but it’s too hard for me to found what I’m looking exactly, expecially because I don’t know how to describe it… Haha

So. I would like to make a website with differents services (from me only) and differents prices for each service. The customer do an order so he paid once, it’s not a subscription. After choosing the service he want, he must complete a form (with possibility to add images, a link, email, phone and a description of what he expected of the service). The payment is done. Then, I get the form and I can respond to him on the website, in private, like an listing website. (fiverr for example)

Do you understand what I’m looking for ? I hope so :blush:

Thank you!


I understand your requirements and I can do this work. If you need my service then contact me.

Email: jakariakhan015@outlook.com
Skype: jakaria.khan015

Sorry but I’m looking to an already existing theme. Thanks anyway.