Looking for a specific plugin import/export one article


I am looking for one specific plugin who will do what i want, for example:
I own few sports domains, with many articles but, sometimes, when i have events from two citys, one administrator who post one domain 1 i need to show same article on domain 2. Is any solution to import that specific article on domain 2 from domain 1?
Is there any solution for something like this?
I dont know you can understand exactly what i want…but any questions you have please ask and i will answer!

Use WordPress basic import/export tool

Hey There,

No need for the Import / Export tool
We can automate the process so they can either go automatically to where every you want ( each domain ) or you can select which articles you want to import.

Please email me at kostaskatsimitrou@gmail.com and we can make it work properly.


I can automate the process. you can contact me through my profile https://codecanyon.net/user/rahulbist

We will discuss thoroughly about it.