looking for a specific minimalistic and clean theme

Hi there,
I’m currently looking for a specific blog theme. I thought that it would be easy to find such a clean and minimalistic theme but I can’t find it.
I want theme almost exactly the same like on this website: paniswojegoczasu.pl/blog/ (this blog is in polish sorry for that).
The only diffrence is I want to display categories on the main page. But the top - logo on the left, menu on the right in the same line and everything below - all the same.
Could you recommend me something?

Hi @malku123

The website you mentioned uses a custom theme, you will not find it for a sale on a website.

On themeforest, there are a couple of clean minimalist themes, if you click on their previews in the menu on the Blog menu item, many of them do have a right sidebar like in your example.

Also the widgets in the right sidebar can be customized almost in every theme to look like in your example.

Here are some clean minimalist themes you could find useful:

Thx for a quick response @hevada . I knew that website uses a custom theme, but still I thought it would be easy to find a similar one :slight_smile:
Anyway, the right sidebar isn’t a problem. Tops are problematic. For example many of themes between menu and content section have a big picture with title - I want to disable it, but I’m not sure if I can do it easily.
The second thing is I want exactly the same arrangement of logo and menu just like on a website I mentioned.

You need to know that at the beginning I was looking for a similiar free theme. On the previews everything was looking good but after installation it turned out that I can’t customize those themes as much as I wanted to.
So I decided to buy theme, but need to be sure that I will be able to customize it exactly like I want.

It wouldn’t be hugely expensive to have a freelancer modify a header to look like that. If there’s a theme you like but without the header I would look at www.studio.envato.com to find someone.

As that blog layout is so common I would suggest searching for “header builder” which will probably give you the best options to construct the ideal header yourself without hiring anyone