Looking for a specific HTML Template

Hi - I’m looking for a specific HTML template, but there are so many I’m having trouble finding the right one, and hoped that maybe someone here might know.

Looking for a one page responsive html site, that has a main fullscreen image landing that fades to become the fullscreen background image (with an overlay) as the rest of the site scrolls over the top of the image.

Any help in pointing me in the direction of something that does this I would be greatly appreciative.

Check it out. https://themeforest.net/item/mettrol-responsive-bootstrap-portfolio-template/16688593

You mean only one single image that the rest of the site scrolls over?

Thanks for this, but this is bootstrap with parallax and multiple paged theme/template. I need just a singular fullscreen image that as you scroll becomes the background image of the site with an overlay as the site scrolls over it.

Yes. When the site loads it is just that image, as you scroll, the site scrolls over it with an overlay, or what have you.

It’s so simple to do. I will help you to customize the whole site as you want if you purchase that item.

You can take a look on this portfolio hope you can find out your chosen one.
you will get Any Kind Of help about my templates.
Just Choose your one.