Looking for a song on Audiojungle

Hi guys, few months ago we found a song on Audiojungle called something like “Good Life” or “Life is Good”,
it was short, sounding like a gipsy song, but a slow one, careless mood, and with an accordion melody,
can you please help me find it ? Really want to buy it, thank you

P.S : We have searched with all these tags, and cant find it…

Hello @MusicThatInspires. Did you download the preview? If so, you can go to http://sample.soundizer.com/ and search the track.

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we deleted it by mistake :frowning: no preview file

little information about the track.

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it was short like 1.50 maximum,
not too many sounds, it sound like it was as a jam played by humans, simple drums, careless positive melody,
and something with “good” and “life” in title,
the author not too popular, and not many sales of the item, I dont remember what keywords we searched that this item appeared on first or second page of search results

It is very difficult. Try to look for as the first time. think then what the track and the tags themselves again and you will find it.

Thank you guys, will keep search in it!