Looking for a simple Wordpress theme to showcase my Youtube Video

Hello !

I am looking for a wordpress theme for a new website I’m working on.

This website will showcase my YouTube videos easily.

I don’t know if they are different Youtube player integration possibilities but I wish to have your suggestions !

Thanks !!

I’m working on a new one, if you could wait

oh wow really ?
When are you planning on releasing it ?

in 2-3 weeks, I hope so

Oh ok !
Do you have some preview or screenshots of what it will look like ?

I don’t have at the moment but I could say it’d be a grid style blog

to be honest I’d love to see what it will look like.
Can you tell me more about it ?

It’d be hard to explain and at the moment I’m coding the backend so cannot offer you some preview but you can also check my other items. If you like, I could provide support (additionally) to modify the themes as well

Thanks !
Then I think I’ll wait, please keep this post updated when you’re new theme will be available :slight_smile:

You can follow my account : https://themeforest.net/user/ki-themes/follow

Thanks !
In the mean time, I just added a standard theme to my website : loic.reviews

I think you can check infinite wordpress theme from Goodlayers team, it’s easy to setup a website like you want.

Still in pre beta . But the functionality is almost done. Live search,auto video thumbnail generation/manual set thumbnail and play video in click image, post view and like counter ----- Moreover ajax powered. I am still developing the UI.

yeah this doesn’t really match what I had in mind…

it’s really video oriented.