Looking for a simple Wordpress registration theme!

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a Wordpress theme (I do not mind slight customization either) where users can register and once they do, a promo code is revealed to them. I will feed these promo codes (numeric) into the system either through a CSV or XLS fle and then one by one the code will be revealed to users that register.

Any ideas?


You cannot find “ready to use” WordPress theme but if you look for some plug-in (WordPress.org) you may find some.
Worst case, you will have to hire some for the modifications/coding. At this point, I could help you.

If you need help, you can drop me an email to gmail(at)moskvayigit.com to discuss the details



Hello there,

I am website developer and working on several customize themes and plugins development. I could provide you built in theme with a running website.

If interested kindly ping me on Skype: mahima.gupta.galaxy

Looking forward to hear from you soon.