Looking for a simple Retail Shop WP Theme (without shopping feature)


i am looking for a “simple” Retail Shop WP Theme, that doesn´t have a Shopping Feature.

The Design should be minimal. I just want to state the Services which can be found in the shop, like changing batteries and repairs.

There shouldn´t be much picture area. Maybe just the top “area”, one main picture of the shop.

The Contact form page should have a map integrated where i could than later set the shop location.

No blog feature. no newsletter, no customer login, nothing like that. Pretty much a one pager, with a logo in top.


If you need further informations, feel free to ask.

With Enfold template you can make all what you want.

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HI, what do you think about our themes? Are ok for you?
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Please check, maybe are for your needs.
If not, I’m sorry if I made inconvenience for you.

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