Looking for a second WordPress Developer to partner up with!

We already have a WordPress developer, and he’s tied up in a tone of work for our collaboration, therefore, it’s obvious that we need a second one! So, who’s interested? :smiley:

Are you interested? Great! Send us your resume via our Careers Form and tell us about yourself, and we’ll get back to you shortly with a reply. Cheers!

Are you going to keep focusing on mobile themes?

For the time being that’s what we’re looking for but also for Desktop in the future as well. Our current WordPress developer and myself are focusing on a desktop framework, but my current customers always ask for WordPress editions of my products, so why not offer it to them! :slight_smile:

Still available! :slight_smile:

Still looking! :smiley:

Still available! :slight_smile:

Still available, please be sure you are up for ThemeForest standards! :slight_smile:

Can I join ? I have both plugin and themes approved.

Just send me a message and I’ll get back to you shortly. I left a week to get a few requests! You have some great work, so do send a message! :slight_smile: