Looking for a Searchable Product Table Plug In with Variations as Columns (Woocommerce)

Good Evening. Im looking for a plug-in that can help me to display all the available products (only those on stock or active) in my store as a table and that can display the variations of that product as columns.
Would be like.
There is no problem if is free or with a cost/suscription.

A Note to clarify:
Not all my products have variations some are Simple.
The variations are attributes used as variations.
The Variations are showing numbers (They represent price by number of pieces)
My Store has 1000 products, but active or in-stock are like 550.

The purpose of the table is for a quick price reference for products so i need that the table is searchable.

I read the rules and i think i didn’t broke any.
If you can help me to find any plug in that can help with this in any way i will appreciate it.