Looking for a script


I’m just curious and wonder if it’s possible for anyone to do a PHP script, with or without MySQL integration, for hosting images such as AstroBin.com has?

Nothing fancy necessarely, but similar so it won’t be a straight rip off.
What’s most important is the technical info of the image where the user can type the details, and of course some kind of an ACP to void spam and unrelated images (i.e. porn etc). Enlargement of images could be good to have so people can see details. No limitations on image size, but formats should be; BMP, JPG, GIF (incl animated), TIFF that are allowed for the site.
Also make the script posting the uploaded image to phpBB3 to a certain topic (maybe include an extension for this to work with phpBB?) with the technical info.

The script doesn’t have to be exclusive just for “me”, instead you can place it on the market and earn more than what I can offer you. But as for a starting point, I could give you $50 for the work. Payment won’t be done until you have a working script. Don’t want to be scammed to pay in advance and not getting anything back. Hope you understand it.

Mail me if you are interested to help me out with this; dev@saarikko.nu

Thank you!

PS. I’m not active here so if you have anything you want to ask me, please send it to my email address and we take it from there. DS.

Nobody up for the challenge?