Looking for a product selector plugin for shop

We’re selling skateboards and we’d like to have a quiz with a product selector functionality to help our customers choose a skateboard depending on their technique and skills. So after answering a few questions they are presented with only a few suitable products. Any suggestions?

You didn’t write what cms you are using? You mean that is user fill some info any by that info you will offer to him several diferent models and colors?

Hey Ryan, based on what you described seems like Zuvoo offers exactly what you’re looking for. It’s not a typical plugin, but a web-based platform that lets you create all kinds of product selectors, finders, and quizzes. Interactive product selector engages your shoppers by asking a few questions about their age, experience, skills, etc. Based on the answers only suitable products are being displayed.

You can check out this Skate Selector built with Zuvoo for Skatescool store:

1.Visible banner leads shoppers to the quiz-like selector

2. Customers answer a few simple questions

3. And in the end, the product selector presents personalized product recommendations

Here are more examples: https://zuvoo.com/examples. There’s a free plan for up to 2,000 starts of the selector per month (you get 2,000 new starts every month). Hope this helps!

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