Looking for a Plugin ...

Hi guys I really need a plugin that can do this job so here its

I need a form that can calculate the distance as we know there’s many out there but this one need to show up the map as all do, plus add a van plus add helpers plus add extra service and bring a total on the end this plugin will be for moving house so its why need to add a van a helpers and extra service and check the distance from where the person moving from and moving to some thing like this:

Moving from Postcode: Moving to Postcode:

         the above will calculate the distance and give me a price based on the postcode

What van do you need: here we will have 02 tips of vans / cars

Start time and date:

so on the end they can add service and bring me a price there’s name plugins that can do my I want to get one that really works ? any one can recommend one ?