Looking for a plugin that shows user comments from a rss feed

Hi all,

I am looking for a plugin that can show only the user comments from a page on a different website.

A client of mine let’s people write reviews on site A but also wants them to be imported on their own site.

I know it is possible with a rss plugin but I cant find the one that does this exactly.

Anybody knows one?


Well, if these comments/reviews are listed in RSS feed, I can’t imagine a reason why any RSS parser shouldn’t work?

Yes they are listed but the plugins I have found dont have a option to show the comments. They only show the titles of the reviews. This is the feed https://www.ondernemerinwijk.nl/stijl-fotografie/feed/

Thanks for the feed example. Since the feed is displayed this way, I believe you may need a custom parser. Shouldn’t take more than an hour to make and completely test it.

Do you mean you can make that? Cause I could use the help… And can you also style it to be shown in a certain way with css?

Sure, it can be done. However, I would need to know your exact requirements. For example, would you like the content to be returned as PHP array (so you can manipulate it any way you want) or printed directly on the screen (so it’s displayed in the part of your website where you insert plugin’s code).

I have mailed you some details on the email adres stated on your website.