Looking for a plugin that reveals ads behind slideshow control buttons

I am looking for a plugin that does what this site does with it’s “previous” and “next” buttons to start the slideshow…after a beat, the slideshow buttons slide down and reveal an ad behind them. The ads seem to even vary between Adsense style ads and Revcontent style ads. The ads appear below the small title “trending now” Here’s an example of what I am referring to: http://poplyft.com/30-strange-images-that-are-truly-weird/2/

Look below the image and see how after a moment the “prev image” and “next image” buttons move down and reveal the ads.

Any ideas how they do this? I contacted the theme creator and they were no help. I also contacted the site owner via Facebook (as that seems to be the only active way of contacting them)


Just gone ahead and added a couple of tags to the post for you (assuming it’s for WordPress?), so it should be easier for you to find a developer now.

Don’t forget there’s always Envato Studio where you can find a developer…


Yes, for Wordpress. Thanks!

I will try Envato Studio as well. But I feel like it must exist out there already.

Thank you!