Looking for a Plugin that counts Taxonomies

Please I want something like this screenshot (https://prnt.sc/t51pf0) on my website.

1.) Which WordPress plugin can achieve it for me?

It is to be used on a Real Estate website. I am going to create Categories, Country, Region, States, Property Types and other custom Taxonomies, and then I will list Properties in them.

After this, I create a Section on the site (anywhere on the site) and I should be able to choose from existing Categories and Taxonomies, and the plugin would automatically list out the number of Properties in that Taxonomy (as you can see on the screenshot (https://prnt.sc/t51pf0).

2.) Secondly, you can see that when Agents and Agencies are registered, they are also treated as Post Types, and the Properties under them are also counted. See the screenshot https://prnt.sc/t51sr8

This means that the plugin makes Property count from all related and connected Taxonomies, and displays the number of Properties in connection to the Taxonomy.

3.) Thirdly, as Properties keep being added under any Category or Taxonomy, the number or count should change dynamically in Real-Time.

Which WordPress plugin can I use to achieve this?

Please I await a life saving answer desperately.


A custom WordPress plugin can do that.

Hi, what you want to achieve is make custom WP Querys for a certain custom post type and display the results in your pages.

Post Type Builder - WordPress Custom Post Types
This looks like it’s pretty close to what you want to achieve. It supports the creation of the CPT itself as well as the front-end rendering of the results.
In your case you display the Agents and Agencies for example in a page template for that CPT and use the built-in shortcode generator to display custom post types anywhere as you want in that page. The same goes for your other post types and taxonomies.

This is not the answer I was looking for.

This answer made me more confused.

Is there a better answer I can work with?

You need to build a custom plugin or hire someone to build for you. It’s not something that you can manage with existing plugins.

Your question was about a specific plugin. If this makes you more confused you should hire a developer to build it for you.

That’s very disappointing. WordPress boasts thousands and thousands of plugins.

How come none of the developers in WordPress have not thought of a plugin like this?

I feel awfully disappointed at the entire WordPress Community for this shortfall.

So sad and so upset :pensive:

You’re the only one who needs it, no one needs except you. That could answer your question.

Are you kidding me?
Did you read my first message at all? And did you view the attached screenshots?

If you did read my first message and viewed the attached screenshots, you would see that someone already implemented what I’m asking for.

If someone already implemented it, How come does it look like I’m the only one that needs it? When it has already been implemented somewhere else?

I think WordPress developers haven’t just thought wide enough.

Well, I need it and still in search of a plugin, code snippets or any other way it can be achieved.

You don’t understand the point that you cannot get every details you need in a complex project by not getting help from a professional. WordPress is a flexible CMS but you need to know how to perform the changes if you push your limits. There’re extensions as you described for basic usage but those won’t work on your system. You don’t even need a plugin to achieve this, adding a child theme with few simple WordPress functions would be enough

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I appreciate your effort to guide me on the right track. What you have said is completely true, and I didn’t think of it that way.

Nonetheless, my request should be a Market Gap that needs to be filled. Every Real estate Theme Company and Theme developer should see this feature as something that they should consider adding to their Real Estate Themes. It is not something too difficult and too complex. I see no reason why all the Real Estate Theme makers have not thought about it.

The only logical explanation is that they just haven’t thought wide and far. If you are a Theme developer with a broad and expanded mind, this our discussion should at least open up a door of Feature Opportunity and Feature Addition to you, if you have any Real Estate Theme.

It’s going to be one Unique Feature that you can advertise as your Unique Selling Point in your new released Real Estate Theme.

Do consider this thought.

I do understand your point but every theme has their own system and manage the details on their own way. The theme you have purchased to cover basic requirements. You cannot stop adding new feature to any theme but after some point, this would be a problem. That’s why, most of the Estate themes are basically working in the same way but with few differences. In case, most of the authors are offering custom work to add the features just for you or you can hire someone else. What you’re requesting to fill your all requirements with “out-of-box” solution and it’s not possible

The themes ( templates ) are built for most of users, not for specific purposes. At that point, you need to build your own system