Looking for a plugin that can solve my 400+ categories-subcategories problem, when i create a new product.(woocommerce)

I have a site that has 400+ categories-subcategories for the products nested into 4 big categories. I found a plug in that lets you see those like a tree , to expand and collapse them so that you can find the leaf you want to find.

But in woocommerce, when i try to add a new product the categories are shown in a messy way. no taxonomy, no order, nothing

And the worst is that because of the nature of the site many categories must have the same name ( different slug) so unless i know who the father was its really difficult to choose the right category for a new product when i create it.

So to clear it all out. I want a plug in for woocommerce that it shows the categories when i create a new product and have to choose some , in a tree like way. ( i prefer collapsible or at least in a taxonomy order.)