Looking for a plug-in that users can watch an ad to download digital product. Is that a thing?

Hi all!
As the title says, I’m looking for a plug-in that makes it so that if someone visits my digital store, they will have to watch an ad in order to download a “freemium” digital product.

So for example, if they put 1 digital file in their cart, they can “check out” by watching 1 ad, 2 items = 2 ads, etc. and then the item is sent to their email and/or made available to download right away.

Is such a plug-in available?

Thanks for any answers/suggestions!

Hello There

I am looking forward to help you out with my top notch services and solutions. Yes i can make a great custom plugin to meet your requirements.

Please get in touch via email through Envato profile and let’s just discuss more.