Looking for a pituclar responsive site design

Hello ~
I purchased a Native Church Wordpress site, and then had to pay for custom sub-page menu. I had to turn off comments, and more. We do not use the wordpress features - no blog, no events, no gallery of images, and I had to pay for Tablepress plugin to handle our file listings. Wordpress is not a good match. Tablepress is excellent!

For my next website I do not want Wordpress :smiley:

What we need is: Responsive, easy navigation with page headers and footers, drop down menu lists, contact us page. Some PHP functionality, CSS, etc.

  1. We have categories (drop-down menus), of files (mp3, pdf, and youtube links) laid out in a table format.
  2. We have sub-pages of past years for these main list pages. So on the main page next to the page title are links to the past years pages for that category.
  3. We have a few html articles/letters.
    That is it.

See the Current Wordpress site here: broncflint.org
See the current year here: broncflint.org/broncs-teachings/

So many of the ‘features’ that came with the Wordpress are not needed or wanted. I know html, css, graphic design and want a more direct simple site. We have thousands of mp3’s in categories based by year. This is what the site offers visitors for free.

Anyone know of a template theme like this?

Have any questions?

Thanks for reading

Hi there

I am the designer/developer of the Native Church theme. I can help you with the new website done with HTML/CSS and PHP if WordPress is not required. You can contact me from the form on my profile page imithemes's profile on ThemeForest


hy imithemes ,
thanks for you support. can you suggest me a best design for apk website