Looking for a Photoshop template like this

Hey all, I have looked on Graphicriver but I cannot find anything like what i want.

I am looking for a simple Photoshop template with smart objects so each section can have images inserted into each section/divider. The dividers should also be evenly spread.

Does anyone have a link to something like this on graphicriver that I can purchase? It would be much appreciated.


hello, I can make action or PSD for you.

done. made action and psd for 6 images with custom divider and mask. you can duplicate it and use for 12 or more
do you need skew for mask ?

Hi!, Sorry for the late reply. I dont I will need to skew it.

Will you submit it to graphic river for me to buy?

Thank you

I’ve got a Photoshop template Deca on themeforest which has a page like that. Not sure if linking it would be self advertising so you can go to my profile and checkout “Deca PSD template”. The 5th last screenshot is like that. Good luck.

I think I can send you via e-mail and if you will like it - you can purchase any my item)

give me your mail

I sent you my email via message on your profile page through graphicriver :slight_smile:

I replied, check mail

also you can go to File->Automate->Contact Sheet II i think it is what you want