Looking for a particular WP Theme alternative

I have this old theme purchase which I really love, but the author decided not to support it anymore, it even gone from the marketplace. The theme was called “Nerea” (live theme on suyalynx.com)

I’ve been blogging for a quite long time and was a fan of creative/modern layout but now I realise, I just want a minimal and clear layout just like “Nerea” or like my ghost blog theme “Ghostium” (ghostium.oswaldoacauan.com)

Is there anyone know any theme that looks like or provide layout like “Nerea” or “Ghostium” ? If possible, was there also any theme that use SanFrancisco font ? I’ve recenlty fallen in love with that font.

Thank you

It does looks minimal but I can’t find a demo on how blog page will be displayed.

Thanks. It looks nice.