Looking for a part-time support ninja

Looking to join a talented crew to develop unique top-notch web applications using modern technologies?

Company intro:

Alkalab is company that develops web applications and was created in 2015. We are a small, yet dynamic team based in Lille, France and working with partners from Bangladesh and Brazil. We have two main activities:

Job description:

WordPress support agent on premium WordPress themes (Woffice, Eonet…) that we provide on Themeforest. This imply 3 main missions:

  • Answering tickets, there around 10-20 days that need an answer. We are always here to help and assist if needed.
  • Improve the documentation to make your job easier on the long term.
  • Create task for our development team to get fixes, improvements and new ideas done. We’ll train you for that.

You would work in a team of four regarding this project being in direct contact with our dev team and the project manager to do all those things. This means good communication is required for this job.

Here are the main features of this position:

  • Work from every place in the world.
  • Work at the time that suits you.
  • 15 hours per week for now, would move to 25 hours if things go right in the next couple months and more in the future. This job would also extend to other projects like our Feedier product. It’s a plus if you can split your daily shift in two: morning - evening, please mention it .
  • 1 weekly meeting with the team.
  • Paid vacations.
  • Yearly bonuses depending on the company’s result.
  • Give your opinion on the projects we’re working on and be part of the new features / improvements.

Skills needed:

  • Excellent knowledge of WordPress themes / plugins (most important functions, actions, filters, templates…)
  • BuddyPress experience is a plus.
  • Debugging tools like Firebug, Chrome Developer Tools
  • Good understanding of PHP (OOP as well)
  • Good HTML5 / CSS3 skills
  • Good English (writing and speaking, no need to be fluent, but good enough)
  • Easy going attitude, ready to be member of a team
  • jQuery and JavaScript experience (ES6 is a plus)
  • Agile experience is a plus (we use Jira, a lot)

Please apply here: https://alkaweb.freshteam.com/jobs/TP8m4hJNgCV7/wordpress-part-time-support-agent and only there :slight_smile: Not on the forum, nor by email.

I’m providing paid support for these kind of issues for other authors. Willing to work more than 40+ hours a week…
But as you have stated you need it like 15-25 hours per week.

I have applied… also you can drop me an email via my envato profile. I am ready to proceed with as per your requirements. Will deliver excellent results (don’t worry) I am really good with providing quality and top notch effective solutions and support.