Looking for a Parse™ PHP admin panel

Hi there, PHP developers :smile:
Since we have a few apps that work with Parse™ backend (www.parse.com) we would need to know if there’s a customizable PHP template in Envato marketplace that handles Parse databases.
If not, what about building something for it, to be able to create Classes and Columns, or just to be able to add and update rows into a Parse database where Classes and Columns have been created manually?



I had never heard of Parse, but there is nothing that with a little effort may not be able to learn. If you want you can send me an e-mail explaining better what you need, and an example of how this database work. So if it’s good for both we can talk more.


We are building an ready to use admin panel product with backend database on Parse.com: Admin4x.com

You can register to newsletter. This is what you are looking for. Support people/staff can use it’s easy interface. Other point you dont have to share parse account with support people. Admin4x is cloud based admin panel. No need any development.

Perfect, thanks!
Any estimated date for when it’ll be available for purchase?

We will release first version in December. You can share your needs with me. We can add some functions to Admin4x for you. You are lucky we are currently in planning stage :slight_smile:

Sounds great!
Well, basically what we need is a php template that has the ability read/update/create/delete classes/rows from a Parse database, like we actually do with our iOS apps: we build an admin app and use Parse queries to insert/delete/update/read data from the database (of course we have to set Client and App keys strings into our code in order to make our apps communicate with the Parse application).

Thanks again for your great news!

Apparently Admin4x will perfectly fit with your needs. Did you subscribed to newsletter?: Admin4x.com

yes we did, so we’ll get notified when it’ll be available.

This is a perfect example of what we need: http://placesnear.parseapp.com/place.html

I understand. Apparently, you will like Admin4x :slight_smile:

hi there, is Admin4x ready for sale?
Happy holidays!

Hi fvimagination,

It is good to see you again :smile:

There are some small thing to do, and then Admin4x will be ready. We will send an announcement to newsletter members in a fews days.

Happy holidays!! :sunny:

Hi fvimagination,

Admin4x ready to use. I sent an email to you.

got it and replied, thanks!