Looking for a Montage/Collage tutorial

I am kinda new to Photoshop and still learning. I am looking for a good, easy to understand tutorial (not video) on how to merge multiple images together to create a neat looking photo montage/collage. I have included an example below of what I am looking to learn how to do. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

First I dont understand why not video tut, which is easiest way to learn?

Example you have uploaded is using the “isolated objects” and layer mask + brush tool

Try search for “isolating objects in photoshop tutorial”

This is one of first results, looking quite good

Thanks for your response. A video would work, but I was looking for something I could print out. Thanks for the link but I already know how to cut out objects, its merging them together like I stated that I need help with.

I dont know your Ps qualities, so hard to help exactly.
There is no tutorial how to make same image as this one.

Image on preview use:

  • background gradient layer
  • isolated big car on background: opacity about 60-80 percent
  • then 3 isolated car objects (once isolated use: select all > copy > go to final composition > paste, use transform > scale + move drag n drop
  • isolated (or layer style text) Brand + type
  • top right corner: interior img + layer mask > brush defualt color (D) = black, select brush (B) get one with soft edg, opacity 30-50 percent and remove unwanted parts.

Sorry, I forgot to say, I’m using Photoshop CS6. I’m not looking to make exact copy of my example, I think you misunderstand me. I’m just looking at how to blend images together like the example, to get a similar effect with different images. Thanks for your response. Also, I should say, I’m not looking for someone here to make a tutorial for me, but rather to point me in the direction where one may be located at. Thanks again and hope this clears things up.

No prob, I understand you from the beginning, but this are the basics of Ps, so Im not sure what you need to help with… It is not a collage, just few isolated objects in one composition.

This is real montage https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkSsO6Ieg9cNpyq_WQWrLbg

All the best, Soul :slight_smile:

Ok, I see. I guess what I was really looking for was help with how to blend the images together like whats done in my example in the upper right hand corner, using the brush tool…and layer masks?? from what I’ve read elsewhere. I fully understand about how the rest of the photo was done, but I would like to blend the images together using whatever method is done in that upper right hand corner. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me here, I greatly appreciate it. I’m just a disabled 50 year old man trying to learn a new hobby!!! Thanks and God Bless.

Okay, I am sorry, sometimes I am strict in responses, because people asking for help are lazy to explain what they really need to help with, or lazy to take a look on attached help file :slight_smile:

Try search for “using layer mask and brush tool in photoshop” may help.

If not I will provide a short “how to” videotut for you tomorrow.

All the best, Soul :wink: