Looking for a Mid to Senior WordPress/PHP/JS developer

We are Lumberman Designs – a small team of friendly, good-motivated and very happy nerds. Every day we are working on top-selling themes, plugins and SaaS products. Our team located in Canada and Eastern Europe.

We are on the consistent lookout for a strong WP+PHP+JS developer. This is a full-time position but we will be able to hire you only after a few months of contract-based work to make sure you suits well our team.

Our core requirements:

  • Advanced PHP with strong OOP
  • Advanced WordPress API/Codex knowledge
  • Advanced JavaScript (complex UI, performance), Ajax, BackBone
  • Advanced HTML/CSS

Also important:

  • Git
  • Good server management skills, Linux, shell, DDoS attacks protection, etc.
  • Perfectionist in code quality and performance
  • Talks English (team meetings over Skype)
  • Good written English

Very important:

  • Reliability
  • Trust
  • Good Ethics
  • Self-motivation
  • Self-management

Will be great if you are from Eastern Europe.
Extra bonus if you have any experience on creating web based apps for iOS (one of our projects)

We ready to pay form $1000 to $3000+ based on your experience and performance. We’ll also invest in your education and professional growth.

To get our attention you required to send us links to WordPress plugins published on GitHub, WordPress.org or CodeCanyon. We will not be able to contact you back unless we find a good quality code in your products created before. You also welcome to send us your Stack Overflow profile.

Looking forward to work with you!

Please, contact us via form on this page: http://themeforest.net/user/lumbermandesigns

Overexpectations. How is this even related to Wordpress? DDoS is something nobody can do anything about. It takes big datacenters and thousands of dollars for that. The maximum a Network Technician could do is setup firewall rules and some router rules. This is still not expected from a Wordpress Developer.

Technically, a piece code can never be perfect.

Good written* english you meant?

I won’t comment here because you mentioned “Bonus”.

Since you mentioned a range and not a fixed salary which is fine, I’ll assume you’re offering an average salary of $2000 of a mid level Wordpress Developer. That’s around $10 an hour for a full time job. I’m sorry but there’s no way you’re finding a skilled developer for that salary.

What I can recommend is, rather than looking for someone on a full time basis, it is unlikely that you will find anyone “skilled” enough to match your expectations. You should rather hire someone on per project basis and pay him/her on a fixed or an hourly price.

I’m wandering why you waste your time :confused:?

Thanks for spelling corrections though!

I forgot to tell that you can reach us via form on this page: http://themeforest.net/user/lumbermandesigns


Have you worked on any theme before?

@lumbermandesigns You need an all rounder to do everything. You salary range is ok, I wont say its bad but yeah its tough to find someone with everything. We can do few of these but not all

Yes, 4+ years of Wordpress experience. Coincidently, we recently had a skype chat regarding potential collaborations.

Thanks for your comment. I listed the things that I do myself on everyday basis, but I consider myself as mid-level developer so our team needs a more solid addition.

WOW! so much skill and low salary.

You consider $3000+ as low salary?

For someone who is professional at all mentioned skills, 1 to 3 thousand is not much.

you can contact me if you are willing to work with a team.

Thanks for your message.
Unfortunately, we have no plans to work with a team.

no problem…good luck



Can we talk on skype. I have got all mentioned skills. Recently I build the drag and drop builder based on the backbone.js

I already mailed you as well from your profile.


Thanks everyone who contacted us!
Guys we will not be able to answer you if you not follow the main requirement: