Looking for a message board /comment board

Hi, im looking for a plugin that can display guest messages with images, a plugin that works with visual composer.

The idear is to give guests the option to post messages with images on a page/ front page in a cleaver way so it wont take up to much space on the page, maby scrool option for the message board so its confined to a given space on that page.

It must not be a requriment to signin to post a message, but there will have to be a way to make sure bots dont post, maby via captica.

Anyone with a good idear for that?

You want:

  • The user can add photo and text.
  • Then user can public it in your website or any where?

Yes, in a way

1- The user can add text and images, but only where i place the message board.

something like a guestbook with the option to add images.