Looking for a masonry multimedia grid/theme with direct access to video and music files

There are tons of masonry galleries, but I haven’t found one yet who is able to

  • play directly a spotify/soundcloud/bandcamp… track (means: there is a play button and if you hit it, the tracks starts - no new window or lightbox)
  • something similar for vids
  • and the possibility to put third party plugs like event on (calendar) in an visualize them in masonry tiles
  • also: only text option

For the moment I’m working with the elated Flow theme (patrikzeller.ch). Unfortunately, it does not work as I wished…

Any ideas?


You can try on this page if you found your one


Thanks. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. If I click on a tile with video or sound content, a lightbox opens. I’d like to work without this step, means: Have a play button, press it and listen to the music without any further steps or new windows/lightboxes. Please correct if I’m wrong in my observations.

Any further ideas?