Looking for a loyalty program app.

I am looking for a mobile app to use for a coffee shop, on each day of use the cashier will punch a code then the corresponding number lights, 1 to 6, on the 6th the client can upgrade his coffee or have it free. Any solution like this here in Codecanyon ?

I do not think that you will do find something for free on that.
It does require also an API, so you can be able to manage to the ticket numbers, which is something more hard to manage than a script on CC.

A nice idea although to implement for a cafe, good choice.

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There are a couple of Loyalty program apps on CodeCanyon. Most of them will work for an e-commerce website rather than for a physical, retail coffee shop point of sale. However…

With a bit of massaging, if you’ve got a Woocommerce website, you might be able to start with a WooCommerce point of sale (POS) plugin. This will take the transaction from web-browser-only to the physical POS. At that point, you could then bolt on a standard loyalty system and adjust the point parameters as required.

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I really appreciate the explanation and will go through this for another project, however, the idea I have now is simple as I see it.

There will be 6 codes only to be manualy entered by Cashier into the app installed at the client phone. This is to avoid printing cards and tagging number of coffee. The codes are standard for all clients. Any thoughts pls

Only solution is to hire someone who will make that by your specifications.

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I think your biggest challenge (aside from a logistical headache having to manually
Input codes in store for every user) is that what you are are after is, quite simple version I.e. Potentially one which wouldn’t necessarily pass the required standards, of the type of app which will be rare on a stock marketplace for 2 reasons:

  1. the earning potential is probably quite limited versus the amount of initial and ongoing work required.

  2. there are numerous white label apps and platforms out there which allow small businesses to achieve more or less exactly the type of app you seem to be looking for.

These function with dedicated resource e.g ongoing updates, data management etc. That wouldn’t be possible via a marketplace like envato.

I also don’t know exactly how you would handle access to the app but you may struggle with app marketplace approval also if it is very basic

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Hi Charlie,

Would you provide examples from marketplace here or the white label available apps?

That’s exactly my point - this is not the type of thing you will find in a marketplace like here for the reasons outlined above.

The Whitelabel options will depend on where you are based (I can only comment on UK based platforms) but would advise just Googling something like “Whitelabel digital loyalty app” or “digital loyalty app for small business”. Bear in mind these will be more extensive and robust than what you are referring to and likely function on a subscription basis. It’s this which allows for ongoing management and maintenance etc.


Thank you All.