Looking for a Logo Sting track.

Ahoy! Looking for a logo sting track similar to the following…

Fun, upbeat, acoustic, about 6 to 8 seconds etc. I’ll keep looking, but wanted to check if anybody had any suggestions or if they had something similar in their portfolios?


(Just for full disclosure: the actual track above is available on another stock marketplace, but it’s $40, and my client is on a budget… so looking for something a bit more affordable as it’s only going on Youtube.)

You might be able to edit this into something shorter, there’s a 15-sec version in there:

Hi @SpaceStockFootage

what I can propose:
the intro of Driving Folk (9 seconds)
the intro of Uku Island (9 seconds)
the intro of Upbeat Ukulele (9 seconds)

I can make basic editing for you if needed.

Check the featured track of this week :slight_smile:

Acoustic, sweet and simple. Hope you find what you’re looking if this isn’t it. Cheers!


The track may be edited.