Looking for a live theme customisation widget?

Hi all,

Many themes on ThemeForest can be customised in real-time with a little Jquery widget stuck to the side of the preview window (change colour scheme, change background colour, change fonts et cetera).

I know that many authors write these themselves, but I was sure I’d also seen some of these for purchase on CodeCanyon ( or even anywhere else ).

Could anybody help me out in finding one of those? What’s the official name for this?

If I googled these I can only ever find WordPress customises which is not what I’m looking for. I would like to work one into a static page of mine so that a customer can play around with colours ( maybe a colour picker ?) an alternative background images.

Thanks for any tips!


Hi Chrisatlemon,

Yes you’re right authors use jQuery and mostly Sass to change these values on click. The store these values in variables (for example: Primary Color or Layout Type) and change them when a user clicks on a different option.

I can help you build this for your static site, please send me a mail at admin@isotopethemes.com if you need any help.