Looking for a Light and Super Easy Theme for an art portfolio

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I need your help because searching for this is not really possible in the options given when you browse themes.

I need something easy because my last theme was so complicated I had to learn and re-learn each time I wanted to make a change! I can’t do this everytime and paying extra support… well, I dont want to be that person, I want to take care of things myself without reaching for help all the time. So simplicity.

I need something light. I do the work to put images that do not weight too much, but still remain good quality, so having a very light theme would help.

My images need to have the option of being shared with social icon media and at the same time maybe protect them? I already know about the watermark, which I can implement myself, but I don’t know if theme offers something more to protect intellectual propriety.

I almost forgot: I want it bilingual. I dont know if this would be a plugging or if theme offer this too? That would be amazing.

Thank you for bearing with me until the end :grinning:

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