Looking for a legal/consulting/B2B theme for specific needs

Hi. What I need is a theme that’s:

  • reasonably modern
  • neat, not falling apart, full QA/QC, not containing any typical semi-professional defects
  • without safety issues/leaks like getting spammed to death immediately via comments under posts, or generating hundreds of megabytes in logs unexpectedly, or linking to the author’s own server (e.g. for graphics)
  • but with great design (see blow) matching my specific needs
  • menu/navigation easy to customize (the rest isn’t overly important, as I can always purchase an addon pack for Visual Composer/Bakery)

As for the design and atmosphere, I need this for a guy who is practically number one in his relatively narrow field, whether he wants it or not, and that field is a B2B service for lawyers and to some extent lawyers’ clients and similar people (a related field to law, and he sometimes acts as a court expert). Himself, he is a former lawyer. The services are almost totally B2B — primarily for lawyers, secondarily for business organizations and thirdly for institutions (authorities, universities, NGOs, etc.). He deals a lot with individuals, but that’s still B2B (them being professionals) and not really B2C.

So the goal is to take the no. 1 spot rather than trying to dodge or it understate it, but also without being a pompous jerk about it. Can’t really be too low-key, but can (and wants to) be friendly and approachable — to businesspeople (not trying to attract consumers; he even tries to discourage them by openly saying he doesn’t focus on them).

So this comes down to prestige — and indeed taking the proverbial ‘crown’ of being the king of his hill — but also friendliness, approachability and no nonsense. The theme would have to show a high degree of prestige without being pompous of pretentious (though not being apologetic, either).

By necessity, the presentation would have to be unique, not used by too many people. Unique colours or unique accents. Not competing with everybody else and using the same type of theme as everybody else, but more like someone who is a bit outside of competition and does not even try to directly engage competitors, isn’t really competing, even though there is going to be a ‘why work with me’ section listing the advantages he brings. He can be beaten on cost but not on cost-to-quality ratio and not on quality itself — and there’s nobody in that field who is more qualified than him at the moment. There are a handful of even more qualified people, but they are all salaried in-house experts who don’t take jobs from the market; there isn’t anyone ‘almost as qualified’, either, as there are no true runners-up — instead, everybody else is noticeably less qualified. This is why I put so much emphasis on being in a no. 1 spot.

The reality is that he still needs to compete to some extent, as clients can still survive working with someone else, so legibility is important for persuasion. I will need a very legible design that’s contrasting enough to be sharp but isn’t tiring to look at and read, so that information is absorbed naturally, and fast, and associated with positive emotions by the clients.

At the moment I’m looking at Kinglaw, which fits my design vision (great colour scheme, fonts, typographical elements such as header underlines) and is sufficiently unique, though I’m a bit worried about technical issues and legibility.

I also like Advokat, especially for its golden icon boxes (scroll just below the landing page), and its great light-on-dark carousels, but there are some technical issues with some of the link colours on the menu (visited or active) becoming white on a white background, which I don’t look forward to fixing manually.

And there’s Attorna. Some aspects of Attorna’s demos are great, though I don’t like some of the other things. I do like the customizability — especially of the navigation menu (28 options!), which is very important to me, as there are some things I really would like to (at least have the option to) make permanently visible.

It’s hard to beat Kinglaw to kingliness! :wink:

I could, of course, customize Avada or Divi from scratch, but I’m not as good as some of Envato’s best designers (I can do graphics and typographics to some extent, but I come from a programming and not artistic background, and really artists just do typography better, at least when you have to wow the audience a bit for a prestige feel).

Bottom line: a prestigious but friendly theme for a guy (former lawyer) who’s the king of his niche in a field related to law, and wants to be friendly and approachable because clients end up choosing juniors instead, who are younger, more dynamic, enthusiastic, approachable, etc., even though several times less qualified. (He can’t survive on orders from quality-obsessed or perfectionist/maximalist clients; he needs a bit more mass appeal, as in enthusiast brand that can still appeal to the higher end of the value segment.)

Thanks and sorry for the chaotic structure of this post — I’m very tired tonight.