Looking for a iphone/android app


I am looking for a mobile app that runs on both android and iphone and does these things:
A CMS backend section:
This is a hair salon with
Categories, and products with image

Information and

  • Locations of all our shops + google map


Hello @rightclick2

Are you looking for it so that you can use it Or you are looking to get it created for you.



Hello, I need a ready app to buy, I find some who do the category/item part, and some that do the video part, I need one combining all of these mentioned
I am a web developer, but have zero experience in mobile app development, my company requires that I find the app mentioned above for a client, so we can buy with source code and customize
Many Thanks


Hello Rightclick2,

I would prefer you to go with some ready made script. You can purchase them by seeing demo.
If am not wrong, your looking something like salon booking application on both Android and iPhone platform right?

Please check this whitepaper regarding salon booking app. Hoping it might be useful for you.