Looking for a instant quote plugin for Wordpress

Hi everyone. I have seen several quote applications however I need a plugin that has optionals that cascade out as they are required instead of all listed.

I am building the website for my uni mate and unfortunately have hit a road block myself.

Looking for something almost identical to https://idroppeditrepairs.com.au/quick-quote

I want the plugin to be able to be customisable but at a bare minimum if something is built with a basic structure of

  1. Is your screen broken?
    If yes {
  2. What device do you have?
    3.a Has the screen been repaired before?
    If yes {
  3. Show price
    If no {

2.b Has the LCD been damaged?
3. show price

  1. What device do you have?
  2. What is wrong with your device?
  3. Show price

that would be fine too.

Did you try this plugin?

I looked into it and it does look nice however it doesn’t have the ability to show and hide selectors which is an issue. Different phones have different repair costs and there isn’t a set formula for how they are calculated.

If you want I can customize that plugin and make changes by your wish?

That would be great!