Looking for a 'Human Rights', not for profit, Theme

I could use a multipurpose theme but I would like something more targeted. I will be adding a few features including:

A job board
A lot of informational posts
state and location specific information
multiple contact forms and applications for advertisers/affiliates
document submissions

Must be mobile friendly - prefer to have a separate customization for mobile devices but not required

That is all I can think of at this time. Is there a theme that covers all of the above, or does that describe a multipurpose theme? I appreciate any input from anyone.

With respect that is a little more than “a few features” and I strongly doubt that you will find even a multi purpose with all of those features built in, and definitely not a niche category one.

You may need to identify the most flexible themes and then double check with authors about adding some of those elements (this may be difficult for them to confirm unless you know exactly which plugins/how you plan to do it).

To achieve all of your list using a template theme and not custom building an optimised solution is likely to end up quite a heavy duty site so you will bee to look at decent hosts to handle it effectively.

Personally I would take a look at Stack, Be, Salient, Enfold or Avada.

Thanks for the information. Would it be best for me to use multiple themes via Wordpress multisite? I have an idea of which plugins i need for each feature but I was also looking for something with more features and searchability for the information part of the site

No definitely not - I would stick to one and just clean out anything that is not necessary. Multiple themes will mean more different code to deal with even if you keep them separate using multi site

Enfold has built in forums which would give you a headstart although design wise it may not be that close to what you want. Personally, I would always go with Stack or Salient just because from experience they’ve been outstanding but it does sound like you need to do some planning and ask the right questions around compatibility to the authors.