Looking for a html based template for selling photo prints


Hi I have already done a search on Theme forest for Photography templates and there are many but all the ones I have looked at concentrate on showing off your portfolio as a photographer, i.e seem to be ways to get yourself noticed/hired as a photographer, and I cnt seem to narrow the choices down to something suitable,

But Im looking for a site template that looks good but allows me to actually sell my photos, it doesn’t actually need to be integrated with Paypal (although that would be good), but I am looking for a customer to be able to click on a photo and see the purchase options (image sizes finish).

In my main job I am a software developer so I have basic html/javscript knowledge but Im not a web designer/developer. I want a html based template rather than Wordpress because at least I have a basic understanding od thhe technology so I can tweak things, whereas to me WordPress is a blackbox that I dont understand.

Can i have some recommendations of Forest html templates that fit the bill, given a choice I would lean towards a simpler template so easier to manage.