Looking for a hotel WordPress theme


I am trying to find out the theme used for http://www.faena.com/buenos-aires/

If you looking to view-source:http://www.faena.com/buenos-aires/
You will see:

It’s called:
faena hotel

Opinie o Vivus https://loansio.blogspot.com/2017/07/vivus.html

Thank you for your reply, Faena is the business name, so they have customized the theme name.

Hi @Knight-2015!

Nice site! Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that site is based on a theme. It looks like a custom-built/designed website by a French web development studio called Ileotech.

If you are looking for something similar on ThemeForest however, the following might be some good places to start. Let us know if you find something suitable for your needs and best of luck with your project!


Thank you for sharing, I was of that impression when saw it, the effects and layout are very nice, I will be glad to find such a theme or close to here. The problem with some tours themes is that the hotel Pages are not very well created and designed.

If you may assist with a great Hotel Website that you can recommend I will much appreciate.

@Knight-2015 Take a look at the following. They are all super clean, contemporary and very well designed. Great typography, multiple page layouts, and nice booking systems. In no particular order…


[05 AM


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Fleur de sel

[38 AM

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Thank you @scottwills for the recommendations i really appreciate