Looking for a hotel management theme with the following functionlaity

About our business: We have direct contract relationships with different hotels and apartments, and we manage their bookings and reservations.
We are looking for a hotel management wordpress theme that can do the following:

  1. We want to use the website for our sales agents only. so the reservation system needs to be woocommerce based, simple and fast.
  2. It needs to be book based on dates and guests no.
  3. We need to have e clean rate for the owners,
    for example, if we put a hotel’s price as 100 per night on the backend, that’s the amount hotel owners will get. but in frontend , it needs to be + 20-50% wise.
  4. The more functions are better.
  5. Also we sell Units + guests per head. Need to work on that.
  6. An all inone calender need. that calender also needs to be read/write only API accessible by our hosts. So that we can make an app and the hosts can use the calendar using their account.

That would require quite a lot of customisation - it’s all stuff that WordPress should be able to do but not likely to be found off the shelf

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You will need to invest some money to achieve this as @charlie4282 suggested, it’s not impossible but it will require some customization/modification with some plugins and themes.

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