Looking for a Horizontal Timeline Based on Registration Form Answers Cross-Referenced with a Database of Temporal-Based Answers and Info Corresponding to Those Form Answers


I’m creating a site for military folks who are retiring or separating from the military. There is a TON of info and necessary to-do’s to make that transition. I want to provide users a timeline of those to-do’s to help them navigate their retirement/separation/transition.

My database is full of all of the necessary to-do’s and based on a registration form that the user completes, it will align them with the correct, individualized path and I need to to come out as a user friendly graphic timeline.

I’ve extensively perused the current timeline-related, Wordpress plugins and contacted Cool, WP Timeline and Everest who all said they are not what I was looking for.

I’m willing to put together any creative hodgepodges to get where I need to go. Any knowledgeable help on specified plugins or approaches are appreciated.


It doesn’t sound impossible to do but 100% will require custom development as it s too specialised to find out of the box on a stock marketplace.

If you have a sensible budget then it may be worth looking for a freelancer to help on www.studio.envato.com