Looking for a good AE template for an Aftermovie club

Hi there…i’m a videomaker. I’m specialized in aftermovies of electronic music event in club.

For example: https://vimeo.com/129828502

Anyone has any AE template to make it appealing my projects?

Hi @federicolanzini

Feel free to check out my Portfolio. I have project for the music event. I also available for custom work… feel free to send me email.


Thank you @yeremia!
Congratulations for your beautiful portfolio. I want to browse quietly. i hope to find something that is right for me :wink:


Thank you @federicolanzini ! feel free to contact me if you need custom work or customize the project.


cool video Federico, mi piace il tuo lavoro :wink:

Thank you very much @n2n44 :smile:

u are welcome @federicolanzini