Looking for a gallery theme that..

Hi. I want to start a multilingual website. I aim to reveal the true image of a specific religion and nation.
When you google that specific religion or sect or nation, the only pictures you see are about the few extremists in that religion or nation.
However, I want to show the kind majority people of that religion or nation.
So, I need a picture gallery theme (could be wordpress or anything) that:
1- Has free membership for users to comment (though comments need to be moderated to prevent spamming) and admin panel for the moderators to upload.
2- Has categories, sub-categories and tags.
3- Titles, captions, info and comment parts for each entry.
4- Download options (with no need of registration. Anyone who sees the website can right click and save the images or use the download button. They should be able to download them even on google search results without even visiting the website)
Download part should have JPG, PNG, PSD, etc. options. So that if someone needed to download the project files and translate the quote on the image into their languages. Only PSD, CDR etcetera zipped project files should require free membership (to prevent flooding).
5- The website should be available in some common languages. like; en.etcetera.com, es.etcetera.com, ar.etcetera.com
Do we have a website theme that could do this?
Thanks in advance.

Hi RecentSource,

For gallery themes:

For membership, pay per download, etc, you can go with Woocommerce and any membership plugin compatible with Woocommerce, you will need to do tests until achieve what you really need.

For translations, you have Loco and Polylang (for varied languages) or WPML.

Hope it helps.