Looking for a freelancer for some custom Wordpress works.


I’m hoping one of you lovely lot will be able to help me. I could do with some custom works done on my site.
Currently running the Flatastic theme with Dokan Lite. I’m running Dokan Lite as I love the vendor dashboard, but don’t have the option for variable products or shipping for the sellers right now and I’m apprehensive about buying the full theme.

So, a few of the things I’d like, if people are able to do them are the following:

Custom product upload form - much like the one Dokan have. I can’t have vendors in the backend, they’ll hate it and leave the site.

I’d also love to be able to have them select whether or not they’d like to attach a ‘make offer’ button to particular products. The plugins on offer don’t cut it. Too universal and can’t be selected from the seller.

And, it would be great if vendors could select whether the item is ‘new’ or ‘used’. It would also be great if people using products could have these as optional filters at the top of the shop pages so they can select ‘all’ ‘new’ ‘used’.

I think everything else is just about there but it would be great if you know you’re able to do these things to drop me a line and we can set up communication to talk through in detail.


Hello @MichaelBackline

I can help you as I have been working for many clients globally.

you can contact me through robert.cisin10@gmail.com or skype: robert.cisin



Hello there,

Please, feel free to drop me an email via the link below:



Hi Michael,

I am interested to assist you with the task you have mentioned in the description.

Please let me know the best suitable to have further conversation with you, I am there on Skype and can take calls or chat whenever you need me to.

My Skype ID: mobiwebtech.carol

Looking forward,


I have a team of expert WP developers, here is my Skype ID = Webinane Contact me if you need professional work.

Thanks a lot