Looking for a Freelance engine Wordpress theme like Freelancer or Upwork

Hi I am looking for a Wordpress theme that works a bit like Upwork or Freelancer. I need people to post their jobs, freelancers to bid for it and then the advertiser to award the job to one of the freelancers.

I have searched several keyywords here but cannot find anything like this. Thanks in advance.


Take a look on this page hope you will find your chosen one

Or you can check this item


Thanks but these are just job boards, not quite like Freelancer where the job can be awarded to the freelancer

My opinion spending some time to searching your item
from Themeforest

You might find a very basic version of something similar like one of these https://themeforest.net/search/service%20provider but you won’t find the equivalent of a multi million $ site on a stock marketplace

If you want something like Upwork you will need to have good budget. You cant except to have such site with out of box template from 60$.

Thanks all for your views and information. I am looking for a theme to start off with, completely understand we need to spend more to get it to a certain level. Also we are not looking at competing with the large Freelancer or Upwork, but using it in a similar way in a completely different industry.