Looking for a free way to edit .psd files


I recently bought an item from the GraphicRiver which is called Fantasy Game Ranks , a loose set of elements which you can combine into graphical ranks, however besides using PhotoShop (which is an overly expensive solution if your country does not earn in Euro, such as Poland where I originate from) I couldn’t find anything fitting.

I’ve tried GIMP and Krita, however these do not render the colour profile and the elements properly. For example, instead of a shiny metal aura, there’s a white static. Another example is that the elements (gold, silver, bronze) colourings are all white, and not the proper colour.
I have opened the very same file in the PhotoShop 7-day trial version, and the colours rendered properly.

Does anybody know a workaround for this? I would appreciate that a lot.

have a play with https://www.photopea.com/ - it’s a website but seems to edit PSD’s pretty well

If you want PS but want it on your pc, look for copies of it’s “reduced version” called Photoshop Elements, it’s £60 in the UK for the disc version which works out at 300 Zloty. It does the basic PS tools without the fancy expensive stuff. I use it and works well for a lot less than what PS costs when I only do basic graphic editing.

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You can always sign up to Photoshop for just 1 month at a time while you complete your project - costs about £30 per month

Thank you, that’s perfect! Photopea supports it very well. And thank you for the Photoshop Elements mention as well!

It’s hard to find a free solution.
I have tried Affinity Photo for a while and I’ve had very good results, working the same Psd files on Photoshop CC 2018. It’s not free, but almost cheap (about 240 zł now).