Looking for a file manager > Gdrive

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I’m looking for a file manager script that would allow me to upload any file located on my dedicated linux server to my Google Drive account, including the upload speed (statusbar) to Google Drive and also a progress bar.

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This is file manager scripts from codecanyon take a look on that page try to find your chosen one

If you didn’t find your chosen one then get in touch with Expert from Envato Studio hope they will solved your issue


Thanks, but none of them allow to test the sending of file to Google Drive. This is why I’m asking :smiley:

Maybe Buckty is doing this, but the demo isn’t working. Still waiting an answer from his developper.


you can check this one or this one

Note: please ask your pre-purchase query going through Item comments as like php version compatibility and your requirements.


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If anyone could make me a demo account to his Buckty website, would be very appreciated.

The site seedbox.cc has a filemanager app (named Seedbucket) in order to be able to view the files we have on their server. We can also choose a file (or folder) and send it to our personnal Google Drive account, all with a statusbar and our upload speed. We can easily upload small file, but also bigger files (5/10/20gb+).

I’m looking for a similar script which could be installed on my personnal server.