Looking for a Electricity template


I’m looking for a template that is similar to like a https://www.gaslicht.com/

And i mean actually the generator on the right side of the website, where you can select your home situation so the website can give you the right electricity companys.

Hey there, and welcome to the community forums! Have you tried searching for Electricity on ThemeForest? There are a tone of items and one might fit your needs! Cheers! :slight_smile:

Yes i tried but can’t find anything that’s like gaslicht.com

I don’t speak Dutch so it’s hard to understand exactly what that area of the right does but I am assuming it is some form of aggregator tools which allows users to find the different or best options/service providers for their needs?

If that’s the case then you will be pushed to find this on a stock marketplace and it will 99.9% need some serious custom work as what goes on behind the site to bring in, aggregate and compare all the different information to choose from and sync up to the providers latest info is going to be a custom build.

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Dear Charlie,

Sorry for the language change. What you say about the website is right, it’s a website that give visitors a selection of companies on their filter.

I don’t need any back-end, only a template that look like this with the filter generator.

A template that looks like that probably wouldn’t pass the standard for here.

you could build the front end of the generator using some kind of custom form but the issue will be that without the proper configuration and API setup (that’s the complicated bit) then it will be a plain form with no dynamic use associated with it. i.e. it won’t be able to find the info that this one does


I have found some site that looks like this one, i will buy it today. Thnx!

The back-end part isn’t hard, i have already created those blocks, i was only searching for the right nice jacked.