Looking for a ecommerce theme with a product page that has the image in the middle.

Hi all,

My boss is starting a ecommerce business that will sell ADA-compliant restaurant tables and chair sets. (ADA is the US legal set of requirements requirement for handicapped customers).

He wants a product page that looks like the following:

“I’m thinking now we use a picture in the middle and descriptions on the left and right, I.e single table pic, on left basic package description and on right the complete package. I think we need to just look at a buncha themes and pick one that has boxes horizontal in which we can show pics or text…”

anyone familiar with a theme that already fits the bill, or one that is easily customizable to make it like the above? We are most familiar with Woocommerce if it matters…

Thanks in advance,


Hello Kevin,

If you are familiar with Woocommerce that you know how is looking default item look on shop,
This what your boss want is custom look. And it needs to me custom made.
I didn’t see any template with such look of items.


@akronyay you can try this theme

and demo with image of product in center http://janstudio.net/claue/demo/product/sweatshirt-in-geometric-print/